Dec. 26th, 2010

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The one downside to Bruce knowing exactly what day it was in Fandom was that he was completely aware that Jason was going back before he needed to. There was a whole week of break left - almost another month in Gotham - and Jason easily could have stayed. But the truth was, he missed the island. He missed his friends, and just as much, he missed the independence he had here. He loved being Robin, there was no denying that, but sometimes, going back to following someone else's rules was hard, especially when that someone was Bruce Wayne.

After agreeing that he'd come home to Gotham again within the next few weeks, Bruce had agreed to let Jason head back to Fandom. He didn't have that much to pack - most of his Christmas presents had come in the form of clothes and money to buy modern things on the island - so that meant that when he got back to his room, he threw his bag down without bothering to unpack it. There'd be time for that later, and right now, he wanted to see if there was a position he could find on his bed that wouldn't make his latest set of bruises ache. If there was one thing that could be said about Fandom, at least he didn't get beaten up here as often.

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