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These days, Jason was used to being a little on the cold side. CuddlingSitting with Nico usually meant dealing with a chill, but Nico's temperature was nothing compared to the inside of this train car. Jason had tried to free his wrists from the ropes that were keeping him secure, but his struggling wasn't getting him anywhere. This was definitely not how he'd pictured his winter break going.

In which there is double teaming, daddy issues, and even more unconsciousness. )

[Dialogue and story adapted from Detective Comics #581. NFI, NFB, OOC okay!]
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When Jason had arrived back in Gotham, it hadn't taken long to fall right back into his routine, as Bruce's ward and as Robin. Bruce had tested him as soon as he'd gotten back, both physically and scholastically (and boy was Jason glad he'd made the time to study his Russian, what with Bruce quizzing him on it in the damn car), and he seemed pleased with how Jason had been doing while he was away. They talked about school a little, sticking to the basics of how the classes were, and what he was planning on taking next semester, and Jason was grateful for that. If they started talking about his friends, they'd eventually get to talking about Nico, and Jason would have to try to lie - try being the operative word since really, there was no way to lie to the best detective in Gotham and get away with it.

In which there are copycats, unexpected doubles, and some trains. )

[Dialogue and story adapted from Detective Comics #580. NFI, NFB, etc.!]
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The day after Jason's first encounter with Two-Face, two major events happened: Bruce gave a crapload of money to Gotham Memorial Hospital, and Two-Face robbed the Second Bank of Gotham.

Jason was aware of neither of these things, because he'd never made it out of bed.

In which there is brooding, introspection, and attempted murder. You know, like the average day in Gotham. )

[NFB, NFI, OOC okay! Dialogue and action adapted from Batman #411. Warnings: more comic violence and discussion of character death. But no shortpants this time.]


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