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Jason still hadn't been sure what his test would be when he'd set out from the manor. Bruce had called it the Gauntlet, and had told him to go out, observe the city, and wait for further instructions. That part was fine with Jason - one of the few things he didn't like about Fandom was the lack of tall buildings, and being in Baltimore had reminded him just how much fun travel by grappling gun could be. There was no lack of places from which to swing and swoop around in Gotham either, and even taking the scenic route, Jason made it to Bruce's checkpoint in record time. As he waited to be contacted, he was starting to think this wouldn't be so hard after all.

And then he ran - almost literally - into Nightwing.

Together they make, like, a Robin and a half. Poor short Jason. )

[Well, that got longer than I thought it'd be. :) Plot and dialogue taken and tweaked from Nightwing: Year One. NFI, OOC okay, etc. :)]
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Jason wasn't sure if it was possible to die from anticipation, but the way he figured it, he was only a few days away from finding out. As soon as he'd arrived in Gotham, he'd known that something was up. It was way too cold at home for August, and it didn't take long for him to learn that that was because at home, it was September. And here he'd thought Fandom's weirdness would stop at the island's borders.

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