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Jason and Nico had had every intention of going on an actual date tonight. At least, that had been the plan until their evening out had been cut short by an angry waiter who didn't understand that people had offerings of food to make, and that the fire hadn't been that big, and the napkins they'd used to snuff the flames were already were already frayed so they would have had to throw them out anyway.

The new plan involved pizza and the safety of Jason's room, which Jason decided should have been their plan all along. "I didn't even want to go to Outback, to be honest. Nothing on the menu looked as good as pizza," he said, trying to make Nico feel better as they sat down on his bed.

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Even though there was a lot to do at the resort, Jason had decided to turn in early tonight and relax in his and Percy's room - as much as he could while it was his and Percy's room. He grabbed a book and his cell phone before getting settled on his bed and trying to relax. Before he could start reading, he had a call to make.

[For one!]
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With only one class left between himself and spring break, Jason was taking some time to try to start packing. "Try" being the operative word there, since he'd never actually been to Hawaii, and didn't know what to pack. He knew how to pack light, and he knew how to pack for emergencies, so he was trying to combine those and make it all fit into one bag. So far, his plan was working well enough, but he wasn't sure how long that would last.

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