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The island seemed to be back to its normal state, just in time for classes to go on as usual, of course. Luckily, Jason only had two classes today, and with nothing to fight at the moment, he had the whole evening to relax. Or, to sort of relax. Nico still hadn't turned back into a person, so Jason still had a hellhound puppy on his lap as he flipped through some comic books. He wasn't going to start worrying yet though. That would just be silly. Probably.

[For the puppy!]
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When Jason first woke up, the only thing he was aware of at first was the feeling of Nico's body next to his in bed. Slowly though, more little things started to come to him, like the fact that the bed was a lot bigger than normal, and that he couldn't for the life of him remember how they'd ended up in bed in the first place. As Jason sat up a little, he tried to remember what he and Nico had done this weekend to end up in a hotel room, but nothing was coming to him at all.

Leaning over to Nico, Jason gave him a little shake. "Nico? Wake up," he said softly. Of course Nico would have the answers he wanted. He always had Jason's back, right?
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After calling Bruce and filling him in on how things were going - some things, at least, and Bruce might have known he was leaving stuff out, but Jason was convinced that it would be worse to tell Bruce everything - Jason went downstairs to check up on Nico. He knew that the demigods had things to make themselves feel better when they got hurt, but Nico had been looking really bad after his fight with Percy, and Jason was, quite honestly, worried. It was a weird feeling, and one he wasn't going to share with anyone else. Maybe not even Nico.

When he got to the door, Jason knocked, and listened for the sounds of anyone being in the room.
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It had taken a few weeks, but Jason had finally come to terms with the fact that with Tim back in Gotham, his room was all his own. It was crazy to have so much space all to himself, and he knew he was probably tempting fate into giving him a roommate from the new kids coming in, but if everything in the room was his now, Jason was going to rearrange it all to look how he wanted. If he did end up with a new roommate, well, they'd just have to deal because he was here first. At least, that was how he was telling himself it would work as he moved things around.

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The one downside to Bruce knowing exactly what day it was in Fandom was that he was completely aware that Jason was going back before he needed to. There was a whole week of break left - almost another month in Gotham - and Jason easily could have stayed. But the truth was, he missed the island. He missed his friends, and just as much, he missed the independence he had here. He loved being Robin, there was no denying that, but sometimes, going back to following someone else's rules was hard, especially when that someone was Bruce Wayne.

After agreeing that he'd come home to Gotham again within the next few weeks, Bruce had agreed to let Jason head back to Fandom. He didn't have that much to pack - most of his Christmas presents had come in the form of clothes and money to buy modern things on the island - so that meant that when he got back to his room, he threw his bag down without bothering to unpack it. There'd be time for that later, and right now, he wanted to see if there was a position he could find on his bed that wouldn't make his latest set of bruises ache. If there was one thing that could be said about Fandom, at least he didn't get beaten up here as often.

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After spending Friday night sleeping in the labyrinth, getting to crash in his bed last night had almost been a treat for Jason. He hadn't bothered setting an alarm for this morning, figuring that after dealing with groping hands and violent goblins he deserved to sleep in a little, so he hadn't been awake all that long even though the morning had long since passed. When he'd woken up, he'd found that fighting his way out with the others was finally taking its toll, and he was scratched up and sore enough that just staying in bed for a little while longer seemed like a great idea.

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Jason had come back to the dorms after class and taken a shower, and yet he still felt like he had powdered sugar in his hair. Stupid island. He wouldn't have minded real snow, even if that would have made it even colder outside.

The decision to not go back outside for anything was easy, so Jason was curled up on his bed, picking at his hair and flipping through a book of Russian phrases. If Bruce quizzed him the next time he went home, he was going to be so screwed.

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Jason had been feeling weird all week, but it was nothing compared to today. He hadn't been around people too much, but every time he talked, little things that he hadn't meant to say kept coming out. He was pretty sure it wasn't just him - the island did seem to love screwing with people in great big batches, after all - but avoiding people as much as he could still seemed like the wisest course of action. Even though it was nighttime, he decided to go for as long of a run as he could.

Yes, he'd already gone for a run this morning. He still had way too much energy to burn off.

[For one person in particular, but feel free to come across him if you'd like!]


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