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In exchange for getting to stay in Fandom for the summer, Jason had to agree to do some extra educational things for Bruce, and today, that meant going through a list of "classic" books that he needed to read in the next few months. Jason didn't understand the point of this - when was Jane Austen ever going to help him fight criminals? - but he also didn't want to get in trouble. At the moment, at least. Hopefully, some of the books wouldn't turn out to be as bad as he was imagining.

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The island seemed to be back to its normal state, just in time for classes to go on as usual, of course. Luckily, Jason only had two classes today, and with nothing to fight at the moment, he had the whole evening to relax. Or, to sort of relax. Nico still hadn't turned back into a person, so Jason still had a hellhound puppy on his lap as he flipped through some comic books. He wasn't going to start worrying yet though. That would just be silly. Probably.

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Jason and Nico had had every intention of going on an actual date tonight. At least, that had been the plan until their evening out had been cut short by an angry waiter who didn't understand that people had offerings of food to make, and that the fire hadn't been that big, and the napkins they'd used to snuff the flames were already were already frayed so they would have had to throw them out anyway.

The new plan involved pizza and the safety of Jason's room, which Jason decided should have been their plan all along. "I didn't even want to go to Outback, to be honest. Nothing on the menu looked as good as pizza," he said, trying to make Nico feel better as they sat down on his bed.

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With only one class left between himself and spring break, Jason was taking some time to try to start packing. "Try" being the operative word there, since he'd never actually been to Hawaii, and didn't know what to pack. He knew how to pack light, and he knew how to pack for emergencies, so he was trying to combine those and make it all fit into one bag. So far, his plan was working well enough, but he wasn't sure how long that would last.

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Jason had woken up intending to have a nice, boring Sunday, but those plans had been set aside when he got a call from Bruce. He was going to have go to home in the next few weeks, and Bruce had a long list of things he wanted Jason to be ready for when he got back to Gotham. For now, that meant reading, so Jason was sprawled out on his bed, trying to absorb the information in front of him without falling asleep or skipping past the boring but necessary details to get to the good stuff.

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It had taken a few weeks, but Jason had finally come to terms with the fact that with Tim back in Gotham, his room was all his own. It was crazy to have so much space all to himself, and he knew he was probably tempting fate into giving him a roommate from the new kids coming in, but if everything in the room was his now, Jason was going to rearrange it all to look how he wanted. If he did end up with a new roommate, well, they'd just have to deal because he was here first. At least, that was how he was telling himself it would work as he moved things around.

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The one downside to Bruce knowing exactly what day it was in Fandom was that he was completely aware that Jason was going back before he needed to. There was a whole week of break left - almost another month in Gotham - and Jason easily could have stayed. But the truth was, he missed the island. He missed his friends, and just as much, he missed the independence he had here. He loved being Robin, there was no denying that, but sometimes, going back to following someone else's rules was hard, especially when that someone was Bruce Wayne.

After agreeing that he'd come home to Gotham again within the next few weeks, Bruce had agreed to let Jason head back to Fandom. He didn't have that much to pack - most of his Christmas presents had come in the form of clothes and money to buy modern things on the island - so that meant that when he got back to his room, he threw his bag down without bothering to unpack it. There'd be time for that later, and right now, he wanted to see if there was a position he could find on his bed that wouldn't make his latest set of bruises ache. If there was one thing that could be said about Fandom, at least he didn't get beaten up here as often.

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After spending Friday night sleeping in the labyrinth, getting to crash in his bed last night had almost been a treat for Jason. He hadn't bothered setting an alarm for this morning, figuring that after dealing with groping hands and violent goblins he deserved to sleep in a little, so he hadn't been awake all that long even though the morning had long since passed. When he'd woken up, he'd found that fighting his way out with the others was finally taking its toll, and he was scratched up and sore enough that just staying in bed for a little while longer seemed like a great idea.

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Jason had come back to the dorms after class and taken a shower, and yet he still felt like he had powdered sugar in his hair. Stupid island. He wouldn't have minded real snow, even if that would have made it even colder outside.

The decision to not go back outside for anything was easy, so Jason was curled up on his bed, picking at his hair and flipping through a book of Russian phrases. If Bruce quizzed him the next time he went home, he was going to be so screwed.

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