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Jason had taken his mother to get muffins and coffee for breakfast, and now they were out on the beach with their bounty, watching the water roll in. Well, Catherine was watching the water. Jason was watching her, still feeling the occasional rush of disbelief that she was really here.

"The view's pretty nice here, huh?" he said, picking at the wrapper on his muffin. Never mind the fact that it was nice all over. That's what happens when you live on an island, Jason.
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After his classes were over, Jason had gone back to his room and fallen asleep, just like yesterday. And just like yesterday, he'd dreamed of his mother.

His last dream had been a happy one, about a time before she'd gotten sick, when his dad was still around and they were a real family. But the latest dream hadn't been nearly as nice. He'd dreamed about one of the days when she'd been so sick that she couldn't even get out of bed, when he'd dropped everything to try to make her better, and ultimately failed. It wasn't a time he liked thinking about at all, and when he woke up, he tried to clear his head and focus on something, anything else.

But his mother seemed to be all he could keep on his mind, especially when he tried to distract himself by writing a message to Bruce about how his classes were going. He wondered what she'd think of his current situation, of training to try to become a superhero's sidekick. It was still pretty unreal, and Jason liked to think she'd be happy about how lucky he'd turned out to be. Imagining her smile did manage to make him feel a little better.



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